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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Whitney Partners, we not only believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) enables and drives positive business outcomes, but also that pursuing and prioritizing DEI is the right thing to do. The importance of DEI to Whitney Partners is not just a PR statement. It has been part of our firm’s DNA since its founding, and we actively incorporate DEI best practices into our organizational culture, internal management, and client recruiting and consulting engagements.

As a global firm with co-founders and leaders from diverse backgrounds, Whitney Partners deeply understands and actively appreciates the unlimited potential of embracing uniqueness and fostering an organizational culture of belonging for all.

For more information, read our white paper about How To Incorporate DEI Goals Into Your Recruiting Processes.
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Whitney Partners has always been committed to acting with integrity and maintaining the trust built over decades with our institutional and individual clients – this commitment extends to our DEI goals and strategic objectives. By leading with inclusion and leveraging our diverse teams, Whitney Partners is committed to closing the opportunity gap by explicitly embedding a DEI lens in our organizational culture, internal management, and client recruiting and consulting engagements.

In advising our financial services clients, our consultative approach creates a space for ongoing and open discourse about DEI. Whitney Partners offers DEI capability assessments and talent diagnostics in addition to and supplemented by tailored solutions that range from transformative individual hires to the identification of and introduction to existing teams and businesses for strategic partnerships.

In managing our organization, we work to foster a culture of inclusion and equity through education and training on DEI-related topics and concepts for existing staff and new hires, DEI hiring protocols, leadership succession planning, and continued transparent communication of our DEI goals and protocols. Accountability to our DEI processes and strategies are enforced and demonstrated at all levels.

As Defined By Whitney Partners

A collective mix of different identities and affinities amongst people within our organization that includes individual characteristics, values, beliefs, and experiences.


Whitney Partners believes true equity happens when the predictability of success or failure is not based on any aspect of one’s identity.


We strive and are committed as a firm to creating an inclusive environment in which all employees and stakeholders feel a sense of belonging, enabling them to contribute to our mission and goals.

Continuous Learning Process

Whitney Partners believes that DEI efforts and commitments are part of a continual process of assessment and introspection, which allows for productive and progressive learning and unlearning. True DEI requires constant monitoring and evaluation centered around learning at an individual, group, and institutional level. This principle allows for a critical lens and creates a competitive advantage in how we manage our business and meet our client’s objectives.